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Caltek is a SAC-SINGLAS Accredited company formed with the intention of providing customers with a complete range of instrumentation activities.

Caltek offers excellence in the provision of calibration of precision measuring instruments. We can serve all your Electrical, Mechanical and Temperature calibration and repair needs either in our main laboratory, at your company's site or at any specified location. We are constantly on the lookout for improvements in repair techniques and facilities which precedes our ceaseless mission to put our customers first. Our company’s stringent test policies and lab conditions attest to our value to uphold excellence and assuage any doubts. We have invested heavily in the necessary equipment to fulfill the company’s promise to customers.

Caltek aims to understand and anticipate what a customer needs and how we can help him improve his company. We are here to build the business on good values and excellence. When we help our customers succeed, we succeed.


We aspire to be recognized as one of the best calibration laboratories to provide a wide variety of accredited calibration services in the field of Dimensional, Mechanical, Temperature, Electrical, Revolution & Volumetric, Nationally and Internationally. We want to implement services in a timely and cost effective manner which establishes us as the provider of choice to our customers.


To attain our vision, we have to be intensively accredited in the fields of our specialization and provide excellent customer service.


As a company, and as individuals, we value

Customers, shareholders, partners, & employees for commitments, results, actions & quality.

Problem Solving –
Solve organizational obstacles, customers challenges & seeing them through.
Commitment -
We revel in keeping promises and commitments made to customers. As a team we commit to the success & well being of team-mates.


Success -
We strive to establish a balanced and collaborative business relationship between the staff and business associates. We want to show how sincerely we take care of employees and staff.

Value -
We can offer you the added option of calibrating and testing your equipment on-site by our qualified engineers providing further convenience and efficiency for your business.

Accuracy -
To ensure that we deliver exact results to all areas of your business, our service extends to the measurement of key physical values. Our service is all about accuracy.


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